Teenage Kicks
+Nikki and I hate this wonderful boyband called One Direction

a summary of one direction

  1. Harry: i like girls lol penis jokes wow look at that banana i love everybody hiiiiiiii love you guys and louis oops i didnt say that
  2. Louis: im not gay i have a girlfriend whos definitely a girl westside haha im so gangster
  3. Liam: hahaha puberty sorry guys we'd be no where w/out u wow privacy pls i can be tough too this country was the best
  4. Niall: haha best fans ever haha shit fuck haha fuckin love you guys tats te craic tirty seven countries
  5. Zayn: wot the fuk am i even doin i fuckin hate this shit buy little mix's new album



removes my one direction windbreaker and my one direction nylon tricot crop top to reveal my collar bone tattoo that says “Zarriall Squad” in size 25 Arial Black font


dreamin’ that “steal my girl” will actually be “you can’t steal my girl because she’s not mine, she’s not yours, she’s not an object at all, she does who and what she pleases, let’s all take a minute to celebrate her autonomy”

not, like, getting my hopes up about it. just dreamin’

Was years ago Niall James Horan was born. He liked to roam the fields, eat potatoes and he loved to dance. Boy did he love to dance.

— Harry 9/13/14 (via niallar)

Happy 21st Birthday Niall James Horan 09.13.1993


— Harry Styles (via narrysouls)




i just teared up thinking about the kind of ridiculous speech harry will give at niall’s wedding, but then i remembered he’s gonna be the one getting married to niall