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+Nikki and I hate this wonderful boyband called One Direction
Anonymous said: okay but they didn't single out zayn or call him a terrorist obviusly im glad people are calling out racism and sticking up and protecting zayn but i feel people are misconstruing the situation on twitter by saying tds called him a terrorist when that isn't factually accurate or what happened


Okay but you need to look at the implications of what they’re saying. First of all it’s shitty as fuck to even try to draw parallels between the band/fans and actual terrorist groups like ???? have some dignity? And secondly, it’s just massively poor form simply because Zayn is there and he is Muslim and once again attaching his name to words like “terrorist,” unwittingly or not, is fucked up. Even if they didn’t say his name specifically, it’s gross. 


butt slap | san antonio

san antonio | 21/09/2014

New Orleans ~ 25/9

Chicago, 29/08 x



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iHeartRadio 2014

IHeart Radio 2013 -> IHeart Radio 2014

At XS Nightclub in Las Vegas x